You Could Save On Your Auto Insurance Through Discounts

Not taking the time to learn about all of the discounts that are available on your auto insurance is like throwing your hard earned money away. Taking a few minutes to become educated about the discounts could save you quite a bit each year. Read on to learn about the most popular discounts that consumers often overlook.

Many households these days own multiple cars. If you are one of these consumers, you must be sure to carry your insurance for all vehicles on the same policy. By doing so, you will qualify for the multiple car discount which could save you as much as twenty-five percent on your premiums each year.

Getting married will likely qualify you for an additional discount. When you get married, be sure to call your agent to add your spouse to your policy. If you use different companies, be sure to compare the rates against the other company to be sure that you are getting the best possible rate.

Discounts for carrying multiple policies are quite substantial. You will be surprised at how much more affordable home owners insurance can be if you carry it through the same insurer as your auto policy. Be sure to check with both companies to be sure that you are not adding the wrong policy to the wrong company. It may be cheaper for you to add your home owners to the company that covers your auto or vise versa.

Once you hit your twenty-fifth birthday, you should see a drastic drop in your premiums. At this age, you are considered a lower risk driver. This should reflect in your monthly or yearly payment as soon as your birthday passes. Check with your provider to be sure that they have applied the discount.

The cleaner your driving record, the lower your premiums will be. If you have gone several years without any accidents or moving violations, be sure to check with your agent to be sure that if there is a safe driver discount that you are receiving it. Each time you renew your policy, your agent should run a new driver’s history report to ensure you have not been in any recent accidents or have had any violations.

Having an alarm system and GPS tracking unit on your car can save you quite a bit of money each year. Most cars come equipped with anti-theft already on them, so be sure that you are getting that discount on your policy.

You should do your best to learn about driver safety courses in your area. There are a few different kinds of classes that you can take and each will give you a great discount on your policy. You can learn defensive driving and winter weather driving. They will help make you a safer driver and save you money, so they are well worth the time and money you pay for them.

Oftentimes, your agent will work with you when you are enrolling to be sure they are getting you the discounts you qualify for. Now you know what you should be getting and what to ask for in the future.