Helping Your Teen Driver To Score Lower Insurance Rates

Teen drivers carry some of the highest auto insurance rates. This is due mostly to their inexperience behind the wheel. Teens are more likely to make mistakes, become distracted, speed or get into an accident than seasoned drivers are. Even though the rates are higher, there are measures that you can take to lower your teens premium a little bit. If you have a new teen driver or are about to, you will want to read this article. It will share some valuable information to help you get the best deal on your teens auto insurance policy. If your teen will be paying for their own insurance, you should share this article with them as well.

It is important for your teen to take a drivers education course, prior to getting out on the open road. Drivers education is where teens learn the fundamentals about driving a vehicle, and the laws associated with driving. Your teen will learn how to safely operate a vehicle, and be required to take a physical and written test to pass the course. These classes are important for your teen to take, not only to prepare them for driving, but to get a better auto insurance rate. Insurance companies often provide discounts to teens who successfully complete a drivers education course. Even if it is not required in your state, the information your teen will learn will be invaluable, and you will feel a little more comfortable handing over the keys.

Getting and keeping good grades can really help your teen to keep their insurance costs down. Many insurance companies offer discounts to teen drivers who maintain a B average or better throughout the school year. For teens who are paying their own auto insurance, this can be a great incentive for them to keep up their studies. Insurance companies believe that teens who are good students make more responsible drivers, thus offering them a discount. If your teens grades are a little on the low side, encourage them to work hard to get them up. They will be proud of themselves when it is time to show their report card to the insurance company. Do not worry too much if your teens grades slide every now and then. Even if you lose your discount due to a bad report card, your teen has the ability to receive the discount again by bringing their grades up for the next report card.

As a parent, it can be terrifying to hand the car keys over to your new teen driver. Knowing that they are properly insured can help you to rest a little bit easier. Watching your teen roll out of the driveway alone for the first time can be a bittersweet moment. On the one hand you are happy to see them displaying their independence, and on the other hand completely terrified of the thought of them displaying their independence and exploring their new-found freedom. Use the information from this article to save yourself a little money when insuring your teen driver.