Do you Need Classic Car Insurance?

The Need for Classic Car Insurance

Back in the early 1980’s, one of Hot Wheels ™ bestselling mini-cars was a reproduction of the 1957 Chevy. There is good reason for this: the ’57 Chevy has become one of the most treasured (and expensive) classic cars on the collector’s market. In fact, this car has risen to such high esteem in popular culture that it has been immortalized in toys, posters, placards and other merchandise.

It is also not alone. Many classic cars of the 1930’s, the legendary 1965 Aston-Martin Rolls Royce and a host of other classic cars trade for incredible dollar amounts on the market. Now, while many of these cars are purchased and placed in storage, there are those owners who enjoy taking their classic cars out for the occasional spin. If you own a classic car and you drive it (even if you drive it exclusively on private property), you are going to need a comprehensive classic car insurance policy so as to recoup any damages that might befall the car.

Don’t Be Neglectful When It Comes To Purchasing Classic Car Insurance

Yes, there will be those individuals who might attempt to skirt purchasing classic car insurance. There are a number of reasons such owners can provide to support their neglect for acquiring proper classic car insurance, but to be so neglectful is borderline irresponsible. If one is going to invest a great deal of money in purchasing a classic car, then a proper classic car insurance policy will properly compliment the investment of the antique car.

Find Out What Cars Qualify for Classic Car Insurance

Note: Not all insurance providers insure all types of cars. There are a multitude of different classic cars and the totality of classic cars includes exotic cars, military vehicles, motorcycles, tractors and trucks. As such, different classic car insurance policies will be needed to cover the various different makes and models of cars that are out there on the market. Keep in mind classic car insurance policies take into consideration the equity value of the cars and vehicles.

In other words, the payout to repair damage on a 1957 Chevy is going to be significantly higher than the payout on a car that is only 3 years old. As such, the criteria for being approved for a classic car insurance policy is going to be somewhat more rigorous and will be based on the specific type of vehicle that is seeking coverage.

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